Posted by: hungryguy | August 14, 2008

Diabetes Alert – lost weight, reduced insulin, no more needles

OK I know I am only 4 days into my new heath routine but this is so amazing that I had to post now.  Before I started this routine I was taking between 100 and 120 units of insulin per day.  This included 2 needles in the morning, one at lunch, one at dinner and one or two in the evening.  That was 5-6 needles per day!



Now on my new routine I am giving one needle in the morning – 26 units.  One needle in the evening – 26 units.  THAT IS ALL!!!   No other needles required throughout the day and my blood sugar is outstanding.  Perhaps the most stable and best it has ever been.  I am requiring NO fast acting insulin with my meals at all.

To me this is amazing.  I have never given less than 4 shots a day.  I have also lost weight already (although I am not getting too worked up about that yet and will update at the one week mark).

My specialist told me that I would see a reduction in insulin but that I would still need some insulin (needles) throughout the day.  so far I have not.  In fact, today I am not even bringing my needle with me to work.  I am very happy – This is just one more incentive for me to stay on the routine…


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