Posted by: hungryguy | August 16, 2008

Challenge #1 – Golf with no beer (or food)

I got the call from one of my friends to play a round of golf.  My first thought was to walk instead of taking a power cart so that is what we did – FELT GREAT!  Then after came the big challenge at the club house.  Two of the guys ordered big tall, cold, frothy mugs of beer.  I had a diet coke, with a twist of lime.  Then came the food orders – club house with fries and chicken strips with fries.  For me – I looked at the menu… uhhm…  nothing for me thanks.

As I sat there sipping my diet coke I watched the others smear their plates with ketchup.  Once they began eating it became easier for me.  I was asked 3 times if I wanted to share some of their fries.  I was the only one at the table not eating but my thoughts were of the good meal I was going to have when I got home. 

When I got home I threw the meat on the BBQ (lean buffalo burgers, no bun, lettuce, tomato, pickles and horseradish mustard).  It is hard to get the vision of those thick crinkle cut fries (littered with seasoning salt) out of my head even now…


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