Posted by: hungryguy | August 20, 2008

My favorite south beach diet meals

So people are wondering what does a big guy who used to eat and crave bread, beer and sweets eat on the south beach diet?  I have been satisfying my hunger pangs eating only from the phase 1 of the south beach diet guide.  My favorites so far are:

Breakfast:  cottage cheese with splenda and cinnamon, hard boiled eggs, no carb lasagna, keish (eggs, spinach, red peppers baked into muffin cups)

Lunch:  sashimi (sushi but no rice, just tons of raw fish), turkey roll ups (turkey breast with hummus, light cheese and pickles rolled up),  no carb lasagna

Dinner:  broiled fish (any fish), zuccini baked in olive oil, roasted chicken, sirloin steak, and… you guessed it – no carb lasagna…   mmmm that is truly my favorite right now.

snacks:  melted light cheese (melted enough so it gets a little hard on the outside), light mozzarella cheese sticks, smoked salmon, pickled asparagus, cashews (careful though – only allowed 15)

to drink – light flavored water sweetened with splenda, diet soda pop (only a little), iced coffee (1/2 coffee, 1/2 no fat milk, splenda, ice and just a dab of vanilla)

All of this washed down with a big glass of FIBRE!!!


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