Posted by: hungryguy | August 23, 2008

Challenge #3 – 10 days holiday – day 1 failure…

So I hit my first stumbling block off this first 2 weeks.  I started my holidays today and had a few of my relatives over for a BBQ.  I did good on the eating side – just ribs and fish and salad.  However I decided I could break the rules and allow myself a few drinks.  Apparently South Beach Diet you can not have any alcohol without suffering some set back.

Seems that this morning my head hurts and I managed to gain a couple of pounds.  WOW – 2 pounds.  Does half a bottle of rum really weigh that much??  That is a good wake up call for the next 9 days.  I will have to keep on the program and not allow myself to drink any alcohol at all.  I am meeting up with an old friend I haven’t seen in over a year and I have a wedding to go to.  Good luck to me…


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