Posted by: hungryguy | September 4, 2008

colon cleanse and south beach diet

So I read the information about a natural colon cleanse (the one my co-worker recommended).  Him and his wife have tried 3 different ones and this one apparently allows the most food choices throughout.  This simply does not fit with the south beach eating plan.  No cottage cheese, no cheese, no nuts, no seafood.  Only 20% of daily food intake from poultry or fish.  Basically you need to live on fruit and vegetables for 2 weeks.  Of course, no fruit on south beach diet so that means veggies only…

NO WAY – doing too well to try and change things up that much.  I found another cleanse myself.  It is all natural and is a one month program.  The great thing is that you can eat what you want and the effects will still be positive.  IN fact they told me on average I will lose 18 pounds in the one month program.   I have ordered the system and should arrive in 7 days.  Can’t wait to start.  I have already lost 15 pounds with my lifestyle program and look forward to even more weight loss coming…



  1. Key to personal wellness is maintaining a healthy balance in our body. by using natural colon cleansing your body will function at its very best leading to a vast improvement, you can look forward to increased energy and vitality.

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