Posted by: hungryguy | September 11, 2008

One month update – down 16 pounds

So all things considered, my first month has been a great success.  During the week I am riding the stationary bike for 45 minutes in the mornings.  I am following the South Beach Diet eating plan phase 1.  During this month there were 2 weeks where I was on holidays so a few days of drinking rum and diet pop did not help.  I am missing beer, of course.  I am not missing carbs as much as I did the first week so that is good.

I have heard that it is a good idea to switch to phase 2 on south beach so that I do not get board and fall of the wagon.  Not sure I am ready to do that yet.  The progress has been so good and I feel so good that I don’t want to change anything yet. 

Also, as a diabetic I am still giving only 2 needles instead of 6!  That is still the most amazing thing to me.  My insulin has been cut in half and my blood sugar levels have been perfect.

I am waiting for the delivery of my colon cleanse kit called evercleanse.  I am going to stay on phase 1 until the completion of the cleanse (1 month from when I receive it).  After that I will move to phase 2.  I am hoping my weight will be below 240 pounds at that point (that would be a loss of 30pounds).

Right now I am 253 pounds.  My pants are looser (by about an inch) and I have move 1 belt loop tighter.  My watch is fitting looser around my wrist.  I am no longer losing my breath after climbing the stairs.  I have nightmares about gorging myself on nasty food like donuts and chocolate.  I have also had nightmares about starting smoking again (i haven’t smoked in over 5 years!).  STRANGE…



  1. How’s the South Beach going for you? I notice you are a diabetic. Me too but have problems in dropping to low. I am on phase 1 and would like your intake on how are you doing?

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