Posted by: hungryguy | September 15, 2008

losing 5 pounds overnight – no effort required

So here is another strange phenomenon I have found on the South Beach Diet.  I know you are only supposed to weight yourself once per week (or at the very most, once per day).  However, I decided last night to weigh myself before bed.  I was shocked to see I was 258 pounds.  DAMN – that would be the first time my weight has gone up since starting the program a month ago.

In the morning, I decided to weight myself again (morning is my usual weigh-in time).  I was back down to 253 pounds.  5 pound swing in just a short 9 hour sleep!!  What is up with that?  No bodily functions in between at all. . .   just deep deep sleep.   My body must process all that daytime protein at night.  I don’t know but I know one thing… From now on I weigh in the morning only.  🙂


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