Posted by: hungryguy | September 23, 2008

Weight loss stalled – time for the colon cleanse

So I remain for 6 weeks on the South Beach Diet phase 1.  Seems I was able to lose 18 pounds quickly but now I have been stuck at the same weight for the past 2-3 weeks.  My waist has gone down 3-4 inches and I am feeling good (no longer losing my breath going up stairs) but I am getting a little discouraged not seeing the scale move down for weeks at a time. 

Luckily, the colon cleanse I ordered finally arrived today.  EVERCLEANSE is the name.  All natural – 30 day program.  I will start the program tomorrow and see how it assists me in reaching my goal.  It says it could take 2-3 weeks for the cleanse to start working effectively.  It is much easier to stay focused when the weight is coming off.  I hope this cleanse will get me back on track.

I started the season of hockey again yesterday.  Was tough having the summer off but I managed not to puke (not too much anyways).  I was able to refuse the ice cold beer in the dressing room after.  That was more impressive than anything I did on the ice…



  1. With this method of weight loss do you run a greater risk of dehydration?


    My weight loss program I have not noticed much dehydration. However with the colon cleanse it has been recommended to drink 8 cups of water per day and some say drink a cup of water every 30-60 minutes.

  2. Didn’t realize I had my own place to respond (newbie ya know). Anyways as said above I have not had any problem with dehydration on South Beach Diet. I drank a lot of water today as I started my colon cleanse.

  3. thank you for te sharing.

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