Posted by: hungryguy | September 27, 2008

3 days colon cleanse – nothing yet…

The documentation says that the results are cumulative and that it may take 2-3 weeks before everything starts to release.  I have had no noticeable effects from the cleanse at this point.  I started playing hockey again this week and have lost another 2 pounds – now down to 248 pounds from my original start of 269 pounds.  Thats over 20 pounds and getting close to the 10% weight reduction.

I continue on South Beach Diet Phase 1.  My plan is to continue phase 1 until after the colon cleanse is complete.  From there I will move to phase 2.  Not sure how it effects the colon cleanse but I am eating alot of low-fat cheese (cottage cheese, cheddar cheese, mozarella cheese).  Talk about feeling like a rat in a science experiment!  So far the experiment is a raging success. 

Being a diabetic I am still down to 2 needles a day from my original 6.  I am not hungry anymore and I am exercising on a regular basis.  Craving beer after hockey and sweets – and cheeseburgers – and subway – and.. and… and…  But I am still enjoying the foods I am eating (salmon, steak, eggs, cheese, veggies).  My goal of losing 50 pounds by Christmas seems a reality now as I am almost halfway there already.  I know the second half will be even harder but I am up to the challenge…



  1. the effect on your diabetes is very interesting. Hang in there, I’ll be watching you!

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