Posted by: hungryguy | September 30, 2008

7 days colon cleanse – constipated

Well, I am not really having the results I was hoping for on this colon cleanse.  I was taking fibre daily with my South Beach program and everything was fine.  7 days ago I stopped the fibre and started the colon cleanse.  Not doing anything right now.  In fact I am less regular than I have ever been. 

I have been determined throughout my program to see everything to the end so I will continue onwards.  It did say it may take 2-3 weeks before working so I wait… 

Perhaps South Beach Diet is just too much protein and cheese to allow the colon cleanse to work properly.  Many other cleanses said to eat 80% vegetables/fruits.  I am eating maybe 10% veggies/fruit.  The rest is protein and cheese.  Evercleanse said I did not have to change any of my eating habits so I didn’t.  Scale is actually going up a couple pounds now (probably due to the rock I feel in my stomach!)



  1. you REALLY need to try to eat your food in different combinations. you want to try not to mix bread and meat and cheese for example. when you eat those combinations together … they bind together and can definitely make you constipated. also … it is also EXTREMELY important that you drink a lot of water.

    It is important to realize that even though they said you don’t need to change your diet, in order to change your health, you are really going to need to eat more vegetables and fruit which contain TONS of nutrients and can really speed up the digestion process.

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