Posted by: hungryguy | October 7, 2008

Weight loss stopped – colon cleanse won’t do shit

Still stuck at 250 pounds – it seems like at least a few weeks I have been stuck there.  I continue on South Beach Phase I as I have for the past 2 months.  Been two weeks since I started the Evercleanse colon cleanse and it has done NOTHING.  I mean absolutely nothing!  Very disappointed.  I will continue on for two more weeks as I am supposed to but I was hoping for some results at this point.

Also I am not sure if I need to move to phase II of South Beach Diet to continue my weight loss.  The book says that phase I always provides the fastest and best weight loss.  So why have I lost no weight in the last few weeks??  I am losing my steam here – thinking about cheeseburgers/fries and beer.  I don’t want to fall but the incentive to keep going seems to be slowly drifting away.


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