Posted by: hungryguy | October 8, 2008

A couple pounds loss – better than nothing

After my last blogging rant about being stuck at 250 pounds for weeks and weeks I finally saw the scale reading 248 this morning!  Perhaps I should complain more often.  Good to see a few pounds down to keep the incentive to keep going.

Still the colon cleanse is doing nothing.  I paid $200 for a 3 months supply.  With the program I am almost done 1/2 of it and not even a month gone by yet.  Starting to think this colon cleanse is a real rip off!  Waste of money, waste of time.  Still I will continue to the end of the month.  If nothing by then I will really go off!



  1. Hi, sorry the weight is not falling off. It sure can be a very frustrating business…losing weight. I just read an article on someone’s blog about a weight loss idea called “the cookie jar”. If the products for real would be a fun way to lose weight. Unfortunately the company does not supply down here in Australia, or I would try it out.

    Maybe you can check out “” if the colon cleanse does not work. Anyway just a suggestion. Best of luck!

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