Posted by: hungryguy | October 22, 2008

evercleanse colon cleanse does not work – what a joke

Well, only 3 days left and I have gone through the month program on this evercleanse stuff.  I have taken the supplements, taken the solution and it has done nothing for me.  Not only has it done nothing but when I ordered they talked me into buying a 3 month supply for $199.  I decided to do that.  Now, as I reach the end of one month I only have maybe 1-2 weeks of the fibre left!!!!   What a rip off…  These guys should be stopped from pulling this scam.

I am going to continue to take the final 3 days in good faith but if nothing has happened yet I don’t think anything will happen.  Stay away from this stuff.  Seems they run a good scam right through the process.  Example:  They told me if during the first 30 days I am unhappy with the program I can get a money back refund.  TRUTH is that they only refund the unopened portion of the supply.  At this point everything had to be opened just to get through the one month.

I don’t consider myself a gullible person but the radio advertising and the salesperson took me to the cleaners on this one.  I wouldn’t have minded losing the $199 if the stuff actually worked but I am left with no results, no supply left and $199 lighter in the wallet.

Perhaps I will phone them and see what they say.  Do you think they will give me my money back or help me at all?  I don’t think so…



  1. Sorry to hear that. You should of probably just tried the 1 month supply first. No colonse cleansing treatment should really be used for more than a month contray to what a lot of companies will try to tell you.

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