Posted by: hungryguy | October 23, 2008

The alcohol you really can drink on south beach diet

So almost 2 months now since I started my program.  Still hanging mainly onto South Beach diet phase 1 but I have ventured a bit into phase 2 (fruit mainly).  I have experimented with alcohol to see what results.  I have found that beer is the worst (obviously), hard alcohol (rum) is also bad.  After more than 2 of these drinks are consumed the result is bloating and weight gain which takes 3-5 days to take off after…

However, I experimented with a bottle of red wine last night.  I drank probably 4-5 glasses or just over 1/2 of a bottle.  There was no bloating and in the morning my weight had actually gone down!!!  Only 1 pound down but still the results were amazing.  I have come to the conclusion that red wine is one of the only alcohol drinks a person can have on south beach diet without suffering adverse consequences.  Of course I will continue to study this further!


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