Posted by: hungryguy | December 14, 2008

South Beach phase 2 excelerating weight loss

It has been awhile – just hanging in there mostly.  Stuck at my 25 pounds loss UNTIL…  I decided to finally (after 3 months) switch from Phase 1 to Phase 2.  Yes it means I need to give more insulin (since I am type 1 diabetic) but wanted to see what it would do.

The results were amazing!  After being stuck for months at 25 lost pounds I was able to lose another 4 pounds in just over a week.  I finally have made it past the 10% weight loss stage.  I am over 50% to my goal weight of 220pounds. 

Sitting at just around 242 pounds now.  I have had to give an extra 2 insulin shots per day on the days I eat whole grain bread or wraps but I can still get away without the insulin when I don’t eat the breads.

I want to get below 240 for XMAS so I am going to hit it hard the coming week.  Lots of snow shovelling as it snowed over a foot here this weekend!  That outta burn off the extra …

I will be posting my “before” and “during” pictures soon.  I am not calling this “after” but it is AMAZING how much weight I have lost.  Gone from my biggest belt setting to the tightest. From size 42 waist to 38 or less. 

Looks like it will be the New Year before I complete my goal but I have come a long way so far!


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