Posted by: hungryguy | July 1, 2009

Screw South Beach Diet – Weight Watchers here I come

So it has almost been a year since I started this blog.  I must admit the weight loss was very fast with South Beach but when you cheat on South Beach you slide very quickly and the weight gain comes on even faster.  At my best, I had loss around 30 pounds.  I lost over 4 inches off of my waist.  Wish I would have taken a photo then because within 3 months of struggling I was able to put it all back on. 

So I am back here at 268 pounds again and ready for a change.  Problem with South Beach is you really need to stick to it.  I like my beer.  I like my pizza.  I like my beer with my pizza.  With Weight Watchers I can stick to the plan but still allow a few days a month to indulge.  So here I go again.  At 268 pounds I am allowing an earth shattering 29 points per day.  As well as another 35 flex points per week to use as I like.

So I am eating fruit again – yaaay!  I am eating breads and whole grains – yaaay!  The online version of Weight Watchers makes it really easy to track everything.  So I plan on sticking to this for a good, long time.  Having my first guilt free chocolate chip cookie right now…   mmmmmm……



  1. What ever happened?

    • I have continued to blog. You might want to look at my stuf since Jan1st since I have been hitting weight watcher hard and am down 40 pounds right now. I have also been taking garcinia cambogia. Look at my more recent blogs and follow me if youd like to see my ongoing success.

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