Posted by: hungryguy | June 1, 2012

Weight Watchers failure time for low glycemic for my diabetes and weight

Many have been wondering what happened to me.  Thank you for your emails and comments.  NO, I did not end up eating myself into a bed-ridden state requiring a bulldozer to remove me from my room!  Actually I continue to experiment with my diabetes, eating and weight.  I continued on Weight Watchers until they changed the entire points system around… The old system I was actually able to move the weight back down but required much more insulin for my diabetes as the bad carbohydrates caused major up and down in my blood sugar.  Once the new system came I quit and again my weight sky-rocketed to 270 pounds.  SO NOW… I started eating low glycemic.  I am trying to eat every 3 hours and proper low glycemic meals and snacks with proper portions as well.  Again at first I had to eliminate a lot of insulin. In fact I am still down taking very little insulin during the day.  Blood sugar stays great unless I overdue to fruits or veggies.  In a 13 week program I was able to drop from 270 pounds to 255 pounds.  I am not ready to take the after picture yet but have been stalled at 255 for a few weeks now.  So two weeks ago I started walking 30minutes with a 15 minute jog in the middle.  Still weight is remaining steady but I do feel much better.  I am going to stick to this now.  I have to get below 240 pounds – that is my next great goal!  Would it be easier if I did not have diabetes?  I think so but that does not discourage me.  I know I can do it.  Stay tuned.  I will try to update more often including a weigh in on Monday…


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