Posted by: hungryguy | January 13, 2013

Weight watchers, Garcinia Cambodia and diabetes

This is it, 2013 and I am not giving up until I drop my weight to 220 pounds. My weight on January 2, 2013 was 284 pounds. 1.5 weeks on weight watchers and I am down to 277 pounds.

Being a type 1 diabetic I have been a little worried about taking Garcinia Cambogia due to its ability to cause reductions in blood sugar. However everything I have read about its effectiveness for weight loss and appetite control has been positive so
i am going for it.

Starting tomorrow I will be taking 1000mg in the morning and 500mg at lunch. I will be carrying sugar tablets with me everywhere I go to avoid diabetic seizure. I will continue to follow weight watchers. Worse than low blood sugar I hope I dont get the explosive diahreeha I have read about. I shall report back my findings.



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