Posted by: hungryguy | January 17, 2013

Garcinia cambogia experiments day 5

This IS actually day 5 of my experiments with garcinia cambogia and how it affects my weight and type 1 diabetes. (forgot that I started Sunday with 1000mg) There could be something really amazing going on here with my diabetes but I dont want to jump to conclusions as that would not be the scientific thing to do. (not that I am a scientist but it has only been 5 days).

My plan is to continue back with 1500mg of garcinia cambogia per day until week one is over. At that point I am going to consider increasing the dose and decreasing my insulin.

Today could be a historical day (at least for the past 10 or more years that I can remember) for my diabetes but I wont know until the end of the day. In terms of weight loss, my weigh in is tomorrow and I do feel there has been some serious progress.


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