Posted by: hungryguy | January 18, 2013

New reality gameshow – guess the blood sugar

I have a great idea for a new reality show. The camera follows type 1 diabetics around showing what they eat, what they drink, how much exercise they do and how much insulin they give. At the end of the day …. “Guess the blood sugar!”. Closest to the point wins millions.

Today after injecting the least amount of insulin since I can remember back (well over 10years) i tested my blood and it was 4.9. PERFECT. Thats after all day eating and no insulin except 24 units of long acting this morning.

The garcinia cambogia is having an effect on my blood sugar. That is for sure. There is definitely something to explore here. I am starting to figure out how it works and the ideas that come to my mind are very exciting. Today I still needed to take 6 dextrose tablets so there could easily be further reductions to my insulin requirements.

The result on my weight reduction will be known tomorrow at my weekly weigh in.


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