Posted by: hungryguy | January 19, 2013

Continuing to reduce insulin with garcinia cambogia

This morning I reduced my humulin N insulin to a mere 23 units. A far cry from the 38 units I was taking just over 2 weeks ago. In fact this is the least amount of insulin I have taken in well over 10 years!

The reason? I have been eating healthy yes but the garcinia cambogia is definately having some strange effect on my blood sugar. During the day with meals I have been taking NO INSULIN. (i use to take 4-7 units with each meal) I even had rice today at lunch and still at 6pm my blood was 3.7. That is very unusual but very encouraging as well.

Can I possibly get my morning insulin requirement down to 20units? Even less?? It seems impossible but since I am only taking 1500mg per day of the garcinia cambogia, what will happen if I take 2500 or 3500 or 5000?!! I am not crazy but I am going to continue to work slowly and figure this out.

Garcinia cambogia side effects? For me nothing so far except the appetite supression and reduction in my blood sugar. I have a very active weekend coming up so I am going to need to be very careful. I only needed 2 dextrose tablets today so I am starting to find the balance on my sugars with this stuff.


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