Posted by: hungryguy | January 25, 2013

More garcinia cambogia does not mean less insulin for diabetic

Weigh in today down another 1.4 pounds. Certainly not the 5-6 pounds per week i lost the first two weeks but still very encouraging to see the weight down below 270 now!!

I increased my garcinia cambogia to 2000mg this week (from 1500) and there was no effect on my blood sugar or insulin requirements. However I am still down to 23 daytime units from my original 30 units (before garcinia cambogia).

So it would seem that the garcinia is not necessarily more effective the more you take. The recommended does of 1500mg per day does seem the best. As a diabetic you need to be very careful when you first start taking it. For me I needed a 20% reduction in my morning insulin. Without that reduction major hypoglycemic reactions.

I continue to stick to my weight watchers eating plan and daily activity. I feel great. No alcohol either. Down 5% of my original weight in just 3 weeks. I am going back down to 1500mg of garcinia cambogia.



  1. Have enjoyed reading your log about this. I’m also a Type 1 with about 20 pounds to lose. Wonder if you had any trouble getting your sugars to come back up with your sugar tablets? My fear is that I will go low, and can not get my numbers back up. If taking the Garcinia means needing no short acting insulin during the day, can you get it back up with your sugar tablets? Thanks for the help. 🙂 Julie

    • I use Dextrose tablets which seem to work very fast and effectively for raising my blood sugar levels. I have been as low as 1.8 and taken 6 tablets which raises it within 15minutes.

      I cant guarantee the garcinia will mean taking no daytime insulin. It still depends on how much carbs you eat. However I was also able to eliminate daytime insulin on the south beach diet so my body could be a bit different than others.

      I must say that on the Garcinia Cambogia appetite is greatly reduced. However the last few days I see my insulin levels having to go up a bit. In fact today I had to take short insulin twice so it could be that the immediate effect is a great reduction on insulin levels but perhaps the body gets used to it and the levels need to go back up after a couple weeks.

      I also caught a bad cold 2 days ago and am still fighting it, that could also be the cause for increased blood sugar. So many things but I will keep working and blogging to inform how this stuff works with type I diabetes

      • Very helpful….thank you!! I didn’t know that you were on the SBD as well. That makes perfect sense. I did the HCG diet once for a few weeks and needed minimal short acting insulin and only 16 U of long lasting as I was consuming no carbs. The 500 calories a day is a tough one though.

        I currently take 30 U of long lasting and 1 U per 15 grams of carb short acting.

        Thank you again for your blog. It is very encouraging. I might give the Garcinia Cambogia a try (starting low dose) and see how it goes. I do appreciate the warnings about having those Dextrose tablets handy. I will be very cautious.

        Keep up the good work.

      • I am not on south beach diet now… That was years ago. I am on weight watchers right now so I am consuming some carbs but i try to choose few as possible.

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