Posted by: hungryguy | February 12, 2013

Stupid reason for type 1 diabetics blood sugar increase

So I have been experimenting with my type 1 diabetes and garcinia cambogia. It seemed that the garcinia caused a major reduction in my blood sugar and then a few weeks later my sugar starting skyrocketing up again.

It was as if the short acting insulin I was taking was doing nothing. I could not get it to come down for a week. Finally I took apart my insulin pen and found the vial was cracked. Insuling was just seeping into the pen and not going into my body at all.

Seems really stupid but I never even considered that was the case. Makes for a good reason to squirt a little insulin out before using the insulin pen. Just gotta make sure the insulin is flowing out of it! New vial is working fine and my blood sugar is back in the perfect range.



  1. Finding this really helpful. I’m an overweight type 1 diabetic. I found the first time I took the garcinia cambogia I had a couple of really low bloods and had no warning. I stopped using it for a while, and have now decided to take the more cautious route. I only take 1 a day, at lunchtime. I am going to follow this, and decrease my insulin intake across the board by 20%. I am thinking the first time around, this will be too much and I will no doubt have high blood sugar readings, but instead of using the insulin to manage the blood sugars, I am thinking about getting the balance right with the Garcinia Cambogia. As with all things that are worth having, it will take time. As I believe the reason for the overweight is the insulin, the less insulin I have to take, the better. Lets keep at this. This is an excellent start to what may end up being a very useful source of information for people.

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