Posted by: hungryguy | March 8, 2013

Another week another 3 pounds

I am really kicking some ass now! No stall in my weight loss at all. Down another 3 pounds in the past week which brings my total weight loss to over 28 pounds since January 1st.

I am still taking 1500mg of garcinia cambogia each day and I am still following weight watchers with no cheating at all. No alcohol. Also a couple weeks ago I started taking green coffee extract. I have not done my daily 3mile walk for a couple weeks but I still play ice hockey 2 times per week.

I play hockey 3 nights in a row starting tonight and then once twice next week for the final tournament and that is it for the year. I will have to find something to replace that exercise.

I had a full physical done with urine and blood tests this week. Doctor was super impressed. As a diabetic she said I am doing everything that I should be to maintain a healthy life. Weight down, cholesterol down, blood pressure down… Cough.. Cough… That is good too 🙂

Is it the garcinia cambogia helping me keep this momentum? Is it the green coffee extract? Perhaps it is the magic of weight watchers? My exercise? Bo alcohol? Perhaps its my belief and use of “the secret”? I really dont care and at this point I will continue everything to work hard toward my goal. I’ll talk more about te secret later. Hehe


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