Posted by: hungryguy | March 9, 2013

Post hockey shower room: The first temptation of pizza

If you read my blog you know I love pizza and miss pizza. Thick, meaty, cheesy pizza. Last night was our last regular season hockey game (we won and I scored 2 goals). Playoffs started today.

As I came out of the shower (yes a bunch of guys naked showering together – strange ritual i know) i was surprised with a LARGE loaded pizza sitting right in the spot where I sit.

Year end pizza/beer party… At 1 in the morning. The slices were cut small but it was loaded with cheese, meat, green peppers and some other colored things that must have been veggies.

Free beer… Free pizza and i have not had either since January 1st. I am always hungry after 1.5hrs of intense hockey. I quickly passed the pizza away and was able to fight the craving… As the beer came around (twice) I was able to pass it on.

The smell of beer and pizza was causing my stomach to go crazy. It was moaning and groaning but I did it. I fought the craving and I was the first one to leave the party.

Back at home I made myself two pita pizzas (light cheese, lean roast and ham, mushrooms, onion, green pepper and lots of hot sauce). After they crisped up in the oven I enjoyed every last bite. Who wants to eat pizza being passed around by a bunch of naked guys anyways! Haha.



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