Posted by: hungryguy | June 27, 2013

What is this painting? Could it be worth millions

Good news is that I am still down (now 43) pounds. Keeping the weight off and taking garcinia cambogia… Still have type 1 diabetes (unfortunately)

However I have been sidetracked. Here is my story:

Surfing classifieds online I found an estate giveaway. Mother died after living in the same house for some 40 years (guessing) and they were ready to throw away everything. They wanted to giveaway anything anyone wanted.

I NEVER go to garage or estate sales but coincidently this was directly on my way home so I thought what the hell.

The house was dilapidated… Seemed a wrecking ball would be the only way to fix it. I was a little intimidated to go in but for some reason I did. Outside was a big dumpster ready to be filled.

Inside it stunk of mold and smoke. Apparently she smoked for 40 years in the house as well. Water damage throughout. Furniture mostly damaged and / or rotten from water. I tried to be polite and grabbed a few books and some wine glasses.

Downstairs it really wreaked… I could have thrown up and really thought I should have a mask on. More badly damaged furniture. There was a stack of paintings and drawings I looked through. There was one that caught my eye labelled “hutsaliuk” from 20 sept 1963… Original water color… Boat scene. I asked if i could take it and they said sure (see first photo attached)

Back upstairs there was a painting on the wall in the living room that also caught my eye originally… I asked about it… They hesitated a bit but then said i could go ahead and take it.. When i took it off the wall you could still clearly see where it hung from the smoke outline around it. It was dusty and yellowed. It looks to be an unsigned original oil but someone wrote in felt on the bottom “Eve ’63”

On the back someone wrote “Eva Goldberg” “Still Life”. After doing some research there is no eva goldberg but there is a Eva Hesse… Could this painting be an early Eva Hesse? Her early work has sold for millions at auction. Her work was said to have alien images seen it it. Can you see the alien face at the bottom?

Also there is a school connection in New York between Hutsaliuk and Hesse. It was from the early 60s at Cooper Union art school. We have researched the Hutsaliuk and it is worth $1500-$2000. Could the second one be a Hesse? We really like both but are obviously very curious if this could be a Hesse… Perhaps we are just dreaming. it is fun to dream. Any comments?




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