Posted by: hungryguy | July 12, 2013

Really bad jeans and their dying moment

I decided to wear my really old FAT jeans out today to buy some new ones. They were waist size 42. Three belt loops torn off from pulling them up over my fat ass for many many years. Back of cuffs destroyed from walking on them and then cutting the strings and jeans off. Bad bad jeans and not in a good way.

The pair of 40 waist I tried first were also too big for me – awesome! A few of the jokes to the salesperson as I was trying them on:

“Will they shink”
“Just in length but they never shrink in the waist”
“What about after two Big Macs. Do they shrink in the waist then?”

No laugh, no comment back… I hate shopping for clothes.

“Ill drive these off the lot today if you will take mine on trade in” show old bad fat jeans.

No comment… He walks away and says something under his breath.

I will save you the pain of reading any more of my humor attempts as they only got worse from there.

I settled on a pair of nice fitting 40’s. could have went 38 but dont want to put it too far. Here is the photos of me throwing away my jeans at the store. My jeans were too bad for even their garbage… The girl in the little black skirt kinda cringed when she saw them crumpled up at the top of the bag. She was very careful not to touch them as she closed the bag… I dont blame her. Off to the denim gods they go.



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