Posted by: hungryguy | August 7, 2013

Oh no… Does my mom also have type 1 diabetes now? At 60 years old?

I have been away from posting as I have been on holidays last few weeks. Not taking garcinia cambogia and not counting my weight watchers points. Trying my best and hoping the scale is still kind to me when I get home soon.

My mom helped me with my diabetes since I was 12 years old. She did everything for me and showed me the way to be in as good of control as I am now. My mom is 60 and exercises everyday… Eats healthy and is not at all overweight. We were told 25 years ago in some testing that she has the gene which may har passed type 1 diabetes to me. However she has never developed diabetes.

This morning she asked me to test her blood… Said she was thirsty and urinating all night long and she felt something was wrong. I tested her blood and it was 22!! It should be between 4-7. I had her wash her hands to do it again but still… 22.

Perhaps at 60 years old she now has type 1 diabetes? Really? Sounds like absolute crap to me and totally not fair. I decided to play doctor against my brothers wishes (he feels she should go immediately tonthe doctor and holidays should be over). I gave her 3 units of my insulin and held my breath hoping I dont put her into a diabetic coma or give her an allergic reaction.

I tested her blood every 30-60 minutes for 5 hours and at the end she was down to a normal 5.6. I announced to everyone (grand kids, my dad, in laws) that grandma is cured… No more diabetes. But I dont know. Could she have just had a spike of blood sugar die to stress and overindulging during our family reunion or has she really developed type 1 diabetes at this late stay of her life.

She ate very little today but I told her to eat a normal dinner just now. She had salmon, half a potato and some salad. If she is diabetic her sugar will probably spike up over 7. If not, perhaps her sugar will stay below. I will test again in a couple hours to find out.

I hope and pray for the best but I do fear the worst. My mom is a wonderful and selfless person. Everything she does is for everyone else. If you read this please send your positive energy and thoughts for her into the universe. I will update and blog our results later.


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