Posted by: hungryguy | August 16, 2013

Took a holiday from everything; results not good

I have a bad habit of taking holidays from not only work but everything else as well.

So the past 2 weeks I have taken holidays from:

Counting food points on weight watchers
Taking my vitamins
Taking my garcinia cambogia
Brushing my hair
Overall self hygiene (yuck, i know)

So i have been a bit of a mess overall. Did my weigh in this morning an i am up 5 more pounds. Surprisingly I did not drink the usual 50 beer I would have in past summers. I did have wine and some other alcoholic drinks though.

I am back up to 254 pounds. Still down 30 from jan 1 but up 10 from my recent low. So it is time to refocus. I am back on garcinia cambogia, counting my food points and hoping to get back down toward my end goal of 220 pounds. Yes I am also clean shaven and smelling great in my suit and tie.


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