Posted by: hungryguy | August 21, 2013

Start garcinia cambogia with diabetes equals dangerously low blood sugar… Again

As mentioned in my last post, I took 2 weeks off my garcinia cambogia. I started back on it and woke up in the middle of the night full of sweat… Blood sugar down to a staggering (literally) 1.5!! I am happy I was not in a seizure and I was able to go downstairs and drink juice.

The next night same thing 1.7. Third night 1.6. Finally I realize that my body is reacting to taking the Garcinia Cambogia again. So i lowered my nighttime insuling from 32 to 28. Still i woke up at 2.1. At least i did not wake up at 3am… I slept all night but still too low. I will reduce again tonight.

So my hypothesis is that the body reacts better to garcinia cambogia after taking some time off of it. Otherwise why would my sugars start plunging again when I was fine for months after the first 2 week blood sugar drop?

So i expect again I will need to reduce insulin significantly for 2 weeks or so. Once my sugar starts going high in the morning I will bring insulin back up. But the ultimate question is: does the Garcinia Cambogia work better when taken in 2 week daily intervals and then stopped for 2 weeks? I will see how good my weight loss is during this next 2 weeks.

The warning to diabetics again which I did not heed myself: you should consider reducing your insulin when starting garcinia cambogia or when starting again after a break. Monitor your blood sugar carefully.



  1. I am a T1 and just about to start garcinia cambogia. I am so grateful for your blog! I figured there would be some effects on my blood sugars/insulin so your experience is very helpful. I plan to lower my evening Lantus first and then keep careful track after meals.

    Question for you – why don’t you keep candy in your bedside table drawer – or upstairs, anyway? No way I would trust myself on the stairs when I’m really low. I keep a test kit in the upstairs bathroom and a plastic baggie of jellybeans (I hate the taste of those tablets) beside the bed. It comes in handy often!

    Wish me luck!

    • Good luck on the GC. Good point about the tablets by my bed. I should keep some up there along with blood machine as you suggest. Use to keep juice there but kids always drank it

  2. P.S. I can’t find a post where you explain why you chose not to take GC before dinner. Was it because of the extra risk of overnight lows? (That makes sense to me.)

    • Yes, to avoid lows during the night… Plus GC is an appetite suppression and seems to work better to surpress during the day rather than at night time.

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