Posted by: hungryguy | August 26, 2015

Day 1 HCG diet and diabetes monitoring

It is nearing the end of the day and I have been stuffing myself full of as much bad fatty food as possible.

Breakfast McDonalds:  2 breakfast burritos, a mcgriddle sandwich, sausage and egg mcmuffin, 2 hashbrowns, coffee with double cream

It took me to 1pm to eat all that.  I ended up taking 30+ units of insulin when I normally would have had 5.  Blood sugars stayed high at around 15.

Lunch burger drive inn:  1 double cheese burger, extra large fries with ketchup and a large Oreo cookie/vanilla milkshake.

Again it took me hours to finish everything and I could not finish the fries as they were dry and awful.

Now I was starting to feel awful.  It was mainly from the salt as I did not drink any water.  Feeling sluggish and bloated which is no surprise.  A little depressed too.  All this over stuffing is not really great for the mind either I think.

Dinner subway:  I had to slow it down a bit but I did choose the worst sub I could – foot long meatball with extra Mao.  Also had 3 cookies, some bagged candy and some BBQ Doritos.  Still have to finish the cookies and chips but I will.

I am going to wash everything down with a 3 pack of beer and half bottle of wine.  My mind keeps wondering to day 3 when I will hit the brakes and live on 500 calories.  Considering I have to stuff myself like this again tomorrow I feel as if I won’t have to eat for a month anyways.  We will see.   



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