Posted by: hungryguy | August 27, 2015

Day 2 HCG diet and diabetes loading continued

I am getting closer to my 500 calorie start day.  Today is my 2nd and final loading day.  I gained a pound from yesterday so up to 286 now.  Today I ate:

Bacon egg and cheese wrap, sausage egg and cheese wrap, 2 hashbrowns, caramel latte, 12 chicken wings, 2 pieces of deep fried fish, large fries, 8 oz prime rib, potatoes, cheesecake, 4 large beers:

I don’t know if that is considered stuffing myself enough but I am stuffed.  Blood sugars were high most of the day.  One time they were perfect.  Had to give insulin all day.  I drank a bit more water so I felt a bit better today.

Going to bed early.  Done eating… Today and for a long time.  Tomorrow I start my new regime.  


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