Posted by: hungryguy | August 27, 2015

Day 3: HCG diet and diabetes… Time to start losing

I woke up after my last day of loading up another 2 pounds.  I am now at 288 pounds.  Today I drop to 500 calories and I feel hungry already and it is only 7:30am.  However I know it is just in my mind.

The photo is the list of the ONLY foods I can eat to equal my 500 daily calories.  Basically 2 proteins, 2 fruits and 2 vegetables.  I plan on having a small Apple for breakfast, half chicken breast for lunch, half chicken breast and a veggie for dinner and another small apple in the evening.  I feel mentally prepared but Inalso have a headache already so I might be stressing a bit too much.  I am also taking some multi-vitamins.  But no omegas because oil is not allowed – not even on my skin (cream)

Diabetes wise my sugars staring at 11.5 which is perfect.  I have reduced my humulin N insulin to 8 units from 32 units. I will be testing lots to see what is going on.

Now I have to cook a chicken breast to use later.  However I can’t use butter or oil, etc.  so the BBQ is fired up –  LET IT BURN!  (In more ways than one) 



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