Posted by: hungryguy | August 28, 2015

HCG diet and diabetes week 1: Food, blood sugar, weight journal

I have decided to keep this post as an ongoing journal or my progress with the HCG Diet and myself as a type 1 diabetic.

Starting:  285 pounds, 64 Units Humulin N, 20 units Humalog

Day 3: 288 pounds, 20 units HCG, 8 units Humulin N am, 10 units pm, 9 units Humalog, blood sugar 9-16, tomato, chicken breast, 10 celery, Apple (500 calorie total)

Notes:  headache came and went for most of the day.  When it came, drank a litre of water and it seemed to go away.  Drank 5-6 litres total.  Hunger pangs came only in the middle of the day and lasted just 30-45minutes… Again drank water.  Tired at the end of the day so went to bad at 10am.  Had a really bad dream.

Day 4: 283 pounds, 20 units HCG, 10 units Humulin N am, blood sugar 18 in am gave 9 units Humalog, Blood 14 at 10am gave 4 more Humalog, blood 3.7 at 5pm, blood 10 at 11pm, 12 units Humulin N pm.  Food today:  Apple, chicken breast, chicken breast, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, 8 strawberries.

Notes: really happy to be down 2 pounds already and 5 pounds in one day. Blood sugar running high but plan to carefully get that in line.  No headache today.  Belly was a little grumbly before lunch and dinner but water helped both times.

Day 5: 280.8 lbs, 20 units HCG, 12 units Humulin N am, 14 units pm, blood sugar 12.5 am, blood sugar good all day but 16.6 late, gave 3 humalog Food 4 celery, chicken breast, tomato, halibut,Apple,strawberries,

Notes: surprised how big of a portion of strawberries and celery I get on the HCG diet.  Tomato and cucumber is big too.  Hardest part so far is hearing my wife crunch a toasted tomato sandwich. 

Day 6: 280.4 pounds, 20 units HCG, 15 units humulin N am, 15 units pm, blood sugar 11.6 in am, blood sugar good all day and night. Food: 4 celery, chicken breast, Apple, chicken breast, cucumber.

Notes:  went for a walk and felt more tired than usual.  Very little hunger, no headache, feeling very good overall. Still drinking 5-6 litres of water per day.

Day 7: 276 pounds (woo hoo), no HCG (day 7 is day off from HCG), 15 units humulin N, blood sugar 9.4 in the am, cucumber 10.5 ounces (get 13), chicken breast

Notes:  what a feeling to get to day 7 on the HCG diet and be done 10 pounds since the start.  I have been feeling great and blood sugars have levelled off with my increasing of insulin.  As a diabetic I know I can still do anything but the HCG diet was a bit intimidating.  However with 20 days left I now have mor confidence than ever.

… To be continued  



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