Posted by: hungryguy | September 17, 2015

HCB diet and diabetes week 3 summary – down 20 pounds

I am starting my final week of the HCG diet and so far the results are astonishing.  I am down 20 pounds in 21 days.  From 285 pounds to 262 pounds this morning!

I am still on just 30 total units of insulin (15 humulin N at morning and night).  No short acting insulin at all.  That’s down from 85-95 units per day before.

The easy part is choosing food because the choices are so limited.  Chicken, fish, tomatoes, cucumbers, celery, Apple, orange.  Those are my staples.  There are other choices but I stick to those and enjoy every time I get to eat.

I have not been that hungry.  When I am, I drink water and it goes away.  However social situations are the hardest.  Family reunion pot luck with everyone eating and drinking beer was probably the hardest.  Business lunch not easy either.  Just order plain chicken breast with salt pepper and cucumber gets funny looks.  

Diabetes and blood sugar has been great.  Everytime I test it is perfect.  Not really testing much anymore as it is always the same and I am not cheating… At all.  The HCG diet and diabetes seems to work very well.  

So now I look toward the end of next week when the HCG will no longer be running through my body… I am a bit worried about how hungry I will be.  The HCG diet includes a 6 week maintenance program after which I am planning to follow.  It will ease me from the current 500 calorie diet up to an amount suitable to avoid weight gain.  I will work with a dietician for the first month or so I think.

I have not gotten rid of my cravings.  Saw an open tray of cookies in our pantry and just about lost my mind and dove in.  Also missing my melted cheese snacks.  Bread and sandwiches too… Gotta stop thinking about it… Rule #1 keep temptation out of sight and out of mind.  Damn too late.  Gotta drink some water now.   



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