Posted by: hungryguy | March 29, 2016

hCG diet with type 1 diabetes week 2 amazing

I am only a few days from completing week 2 and I am down to 261 pounds.  That is a loss of almost 15 pounds already.

I am not cheating at all… Weighing all my food exactly.  Protein remains chicken and white fish (Cod) and I have added some prawns and scallops as well.  Cucumber and tomato is my only vegetable each day.  Fruit is mainly apples but also oranges and strawberries at times.  Everything to exact weight, of course.

I am getting a bit bored especially of the cucumber but seeing the weight significantly coming off day after day is keeping me focused.  Also drinking 4-6 litres of water each day keeps the hunger pangs away.

Humulin N Insulin down to 15am and 15pm with no other insulin required. (Previous was 85-95 units per day) Blood sugar staying perfect at 4-6 all day.  More excellent benefit to this diet.

Only a few more days and I am halfway through.  I hope to keep up this weight loss pace and get below 250 pounds by the end.  I am gonna shoot for 240 now!!!



  1. day 4 for the big guy!!
    lost 4-lbs on first day after loading days. 286.1
    i was pretty hungry at night and had a few extra strawberries. feel great this morning. ready for day 4!!!

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