Posted by: hungryguy | April 6, 2016

hCG diet and type 1 diabetes week 3 still great weight loss

Today is my 19th day on the hCG diet (but whose counting – haha).  This morning I am down to 253 pounds.  I stalled for a day at 255 which was the weight I ended at when I completed hCG 6 months ago so  now I am ready to move lower.

I had my 6 year olds birthday party and watched 24 hot dogs get eaten for lunch and 16 burgers get eaten for dinner.  I had just an apple for breakfast, skipped lunch and doubled my protein at dinner for a 9 ounce turkey burger a little onion, saraicha hot sauce and two tomatoes.  Just spices and turkey and it held together perfectly – YUM!

Otherwise I remain on chicken breast and white fish as my staples.  Tomatoes my only veggie and apples mainly as my fruits. Yes it gets very boring but I am not hungry much.  I had an apple day even though you are only supposed to Apple day after 4 days of no loss.  I just wanted to try it.  Ate 6 apples in 24 hours and was not hungry at all.  Kept losing my regular weight 1 pound each day.

Basically 1 week left to finish the 26 days. Then no

More shots and 2 days still on 500 calories before I start increasing food intake.  Craving some variety but the weight loss should be enough motivation for anyone to stay on this!



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