Posted by: hungryguy | April 15, 2016

hCG diet phase 2 complete. So now what?

Today is day 28 of my second round on the hCG Diet.  My weight is down to 246.8 pounds.  I started at 285 on my first round and 275 on the second round.  Almost 40 pounds in 7 months or so.  I feel great but now what?  

I want to celebrate again… Have my first glass of wine in a month or a beer or pizza or cookies… DONT! DONT! DONT.

They say phase 3 is the most important phase.  I have gone 2 days without an hCG injection but still on 500 calories each day.  However instead of just a chicken breast and tomato tonight I treated myself… I had a salad with chicken and every vegetable I could (onion, bell peppers, banana pepper, tomatoes, lettuce, black olives, jalapeños).  I also had some low fat dressing but it did have 9 grams of sugar per serving.  I should have held off on the dressing but I figured in 28 days what the hell.  

So now I must continue for 3 weeks with no sugar or starches.  No more salad dressing!  I can eat basically anything else but must keep calories at a slowly increasing pace.  Go up to 1000 and then 1500 and so on.  I am going to enjoy some read meat, some nuts and a variety of different fruits/veggies.  I must still weigh every day and can’t go above or below 2 pounds from my last injection.  I think my last injection was around 247.5 so that is the number I am going to use.

Also I need to start exercising again.  I am going to begin 30 minutes of elliptical each morning. With 1000+ calories I should have the energy.

As far as my type 1 diabetes I have had to increase my insulin the past week.  My body has started adapting and so insulin up from 30/day to 36 or so.  That is still on the 500 calories so I know as I increase calorie I will need to keep increasing insulting.  Just another pain in the ass thing to have to think about and deal with but I can handle it.

It seems to be about planning for food.  I have to plan what I am going to eat to total my 1000 calories tomorrow.  No damn way I can just do 4 chicken breasts and 8 tomatoes and 4 apples to double up.  I gotta get more creative and start enjoying food again.

I will weigh every day and keep blogging.  Gotta keep it around 247 pounds for the next 3 weeks!


Celebration meal photo… Not the beer and pizza I had last time which cost me 7 pounds!


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