Posted by: hungryguy | April 17, 2016

hCG diet phase 3 start. First day meal plan.

Weight is back up to LIW (last injection weight) today – 247.5 or so.  Phase 3 says stay away from sugar and starch.  Considering this is the most important phase to keep the weight off, that is not much guidance.  I did as directed and first 2-3 days tried to stay at 500 calorie.  Actually day 3 I was up over 1000 as I had a celebration salad with sweet onion dressing.

The next step there is talk to keep calories at 1000 and work up to 1500-1800.  Again very little guidance.  Being 247 pounds, 1000 calories is likely not going to sustain me for long.  Here was my day today to set me up for success:

Breakfast:  2 large soft boiled eggs = 182 

Snack:  15 raw unsalted almonds = 104

Lunch: Salad: 4oz roasted chicken, 3 cups lettuce, 5 slice tomatoes, sprinkle of black olives, few slices dill pickle, few banana peppers, some green pepper, southwest dressing (not sweet) = 334

Dinner: (see photo): skewer of 5 medium scallops with purple onion and red/yellow pepper. Side Caesar salad with low calorie dressing = 247 

Total so far 867 calories.  Likely will have an apple and a little cheese later tonight and will get to 1000 or just over again.  

The salad dressings are killing the calories.  20% of my calories from the dressings.  Kept the sugar down though so I would say I am still doing what I need to.  Hope the scale agrees tomorrow. 

Finally got to BBQ and eat the same as my entire family of 5.  Everyone loved to see dad not just eating his small plate of chicken and tomatoes!


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