Posted by: hungryguy | June 24, 2016

HCG diet finished phase 3

I had to check my last post to see how long It has been since start of phase 3.  Actually been over 2 months now!  Hard to believe.  I have continued leaving out breads and cereals as much as possible.  I did break down and have an occasional cookie binge.  Also have been drinking beer a few times a week or more … Oops.  however when I do drink I make sure not to binge on carbs after.  So where is my weight now?

As of this morning I am at 248.8 pounds that is only up a single bound since my LIW (last injection weight).  I am so impressed!  I would say I have shifted now I to the final phase which I guess is to continue watching the carbs.

Continue eating salad, veggies, meats.  Lots of BBQ and I have added BBQ sauce back.  Just skip the breads and carbs for the most part.  Missing exercise.  Still not part of my routine aside from walking the dog and biking with the kids.  Gotta kick it into high gear and start daily exercise soon.

hell I am thinking I could add exercise and get down to 240 by end of summer!


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