Posted by: hungryguy | February 27, 2017

HCG Diet and diabetes one year later. Time for round 3?

As a type 1 diabetic and having gone through the HCG diet program twice I said I was never going to have to do it again.  Now I am looking back a year ago to when I started it the last time.  I lost almost 30 pounds and kept most of it off up until Christmas.

My body reacts badly to beer, wheat and carbs in general.  Christmas marked my return to drinking beer and not being as disciplined as I once was.

So now I am up 16 pounds one year after losing so much.  I am sitting at 263.5.  Still down significantly from when I started HCG the first time at 285 pounds but again I feel I need to get back on the program and get myself below 240 pounds so I can maintain it from there.

With my hockey ending soon and summer sports not starting for at least a month this March timing is good for HCG since no exercise can be done on the 500 calorie restrictive diet.

I am pulling a friend in with me this time.  He is up at 291 pounds and has a real fear of heart attack and other health problems. We are going to do the program together starting in 2 weeks.  I am also going to have a lean mass composition scan done by my doctor.  He does not recommend HCG and is worried I am going to lose lean, healthy muscle with the restrictive diet.  I am going to pay the costs and have the scan done before and after so I can report back.

I am also going to be changing my insulin medication after the program. My doctor says the old medication I am on (Humulin N) causes weight gain and the newer stuff is much better.  That will help me maintain afterwards. I will blog more on the insulin and diabetes technology changes later.

For now, I am excited to get going on HCG again.  Right now I am eating only protein and veggies to try and reduce as much weight as possible myself before going on the program.  I want to get to 260 so I can have a real shot at getting to 230… a weight I have not seen for over 15 years. Also going to keep playing hockey to the end of the season.

I plan to blog throughout my program again with updates for both myself and my friend.  Together we plan to lose 60 pounds in 30 days and then keep it off forever.

More to follow.  


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