Posted by: hungryguy | March 19, 2017

HCG Diet 60 pounds in 30 days

So the two of us started our loading days Friday.  My starting weight is 266.4 and Barry starting weight is 288.  Plan is to lose 30 pounds each on the 26 days HCG diet.

Today is our first day on the restrictive 5oo calorie diet. We each gained 5 pounds during the 2 loading which included on day 1 – two breakfast burritos, an egg/sausage mcmuffin, coffee double cream, jumbo donair with a pound of meat, 8 baklava, BBQ ribs with fries, brownie with ice cream, 6 pieces deep dish pizza all washed own with 8 beer, bottle of wine and half bottle of grand mariner.

Day 2 was not as extreme but still a lot of sweets and a lot of carbs and a lot of fat.  These first 2 days are so important.  You really wanna feel like you are going to explode and never want to eat again.

now today I have reduced my insulin from 80-90 units a day to 30.  Had tomato for breakfast and chicken with romaine lettuce and a little tomato for lunch. Some changes to the diet include being able to mix veggies at meals and also give HCG every day instead of taking one day off per week.




  1. first day and feeling good. lots of water and no headaches. 30lbs to go!!!

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