Posted by: hungryguy | March 20, 2017

HCG Diet day 3 eliminates all loading weight and more!

So here we are at the start of Day 4.  Myself and a good friend of mine dedicated to losing a total of 60 pounds during the 26 day program.

After day 1 and 2 of total food debauchery we started the 500 calorie restrictive diet yesterday.  Not only did our bodies lose all of the loading weight (which was a significant 6-8 pounds) but we are also both down almost 2 pounds each from our starting weight.

Talk about incentive to keep it up!  I am feeling great this morning and not really hungry at all.  Menu today:

Breakfast : black coffee

Snack: 6.6 oz of strawberries 

Lunch: chicken with tomatoes

Dinner: 2 jumbo prawns with romaine and apple cider vinegar

Snack:  apple with cinnamon 

Everything weighed to the fraction of an ounce!  That is so so important.  You need to have the list that gives you portions to the exact ounce so you don’t have to mess with counting calories.  Simple… 2 fruit portion, 2 veggie portion and 2 protein portion each day from the list.   Comment and ask me if you need the list.

The exact portion of freshly washed sweet strawberries!


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