Posted by: hungryguy | March 22, 2017

Day 6 HCG update. Insulin up and weight down.

Read back to the beginning of my blog last night to get some inspiration. As a type 1 diabetic I have been tracking my weight struggles for almost 9 years now including the past 1.5 years and my previous 2 session of HCG 26 day program.

This morning I am down 2 more pounds. Down to even 260.  Feels great compared to the over 270 just 4 days ago. I need to share more technical info as it really helps me in the future.

I raised Humulin N insulin to 18 units instead of 15.  This has helped already and blood sugars now below 10.  Should get steady to 6 by tomorrow I expect. HCG taking by syringe.  I am taking 22 units his time instead of 20. This was recommended by the doctor.  Also taking calcium & magnesium supplements this time to help with constipation.  Working so far.

Weekly I am also tracking lean body mass, BMI and all body weight distribution.  Need to make sure HCG is not losing lean muscle and only bad fat. I will report on first week findings after Friday tests.

All in all, I am feeling really good.  Motivated again to stick to the plan without waivering.  Blood tests today at 9:50am so can’t eat until afterwards.  Continuing with lots of water.

My friend The Big Guy is having amazing success so far during his first week. He is down 8 pounds I believe.  He will comment.  My new goal now is 235 pounds. 25 pounds from where I am at today.  I have not been below 242 for well over 10 years.  Can’t wait for the new me!!!



  1. Big Guy checking in. Good news, I lost 2 more lbs, for my first 10lb loss. Currently at 280. I did A 3K jog yesturday and had visions of doing another Marathon. 15 years ago I ran a Marathon weighing 230 lbs. I am older but as determined. Thanks to my support circle, I am positive and staying on track.

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