Posted by: hungryguy | March 25, 2017

HCG week 1 statistics. Losing lean muscle – add protein.

Finished week 1.  Both of us are down 10 pounds each.  That includes the loading weight we put on at the start so actuall down 12-14 each if you include that weight we put in and took off.

Feeling great but when we ran the body scan it also shows we both lost 4 pounds of lean muscle mass.  Since we are working with a personal consultant on this, she is recommending we double our protein and remove one fruit.  So that boosts us to 800 calories per day (from 500) and only 1 fruit portion.  Also veggies don’t count toward our calorie intake.  As long as they are on the list they are good to go.

So basically 700+ calories of protein only.  Currently at 300.  Having gone through HCG twice this is surprising to me as I always stayed on the 500 calories.  However we don’t want to lose lean muscle so that is the point I guess.  We will see what the results show when we scan next week.

Last night I enjoyed the new protein with 200 grams of ground turkey make into buyers with romaine lettuce buns, mushrooms and asparagus.  It was so good. However only down .5 pound today.  Love having more protein though.

Still we are shooting for 60 pounds during the program.  Just over 2 weeks to go!

The burgers were so good!  Added tomato as well as mustard and hot sauce.  Did not eat the onion just used them to stop the turkey from sticking on the grill.


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