Posted by: hungryguy | March 27, 2017

HCG week 2 update. More protein, less fruit, continued weight loss

Here we are at Day 11 of our 26 day HCG diet program.  That means just over 2 weeks left and we can really see the finish line now.

In 11 days I am down 12 pounds so averaging just over a pound per day.  Have added tuna to my menus as well as dill pickles.  Blood sugar remaining stable below 7 except when I played hockey with my daughter for one afternoon and had low blood sugar reaction at night.  Had to eat 7 sugar tablets so hopefully that did not mess me up too badly.

Tuna, dill pickle, lemon and pepper.  A great alternative to just chicken and fish.



  1. Big Guy reporting in. 15lbs, gone and will never come back. I am 275 and feel amazing. I do get a little hungry at night, bu save my last fruit if needed. All the credit goes to my support partner. He talked me out of a couple bad choices and I am grateful. It worked. Our councilor told us to up our protein and I didn’t. We are on our way to our goal. I am totally convinced we will succeed. I am walking every day and that helps to curb appetite. This diet does work and saving my well being. I feel human again!!!!

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