Posted by: hungryguy | March 29, 2017

HCG Diet, day 13, Halfway there ** applause **

Step on scale… down another 1.5 pounds from yesterday.  I can not overstate the joy and feeling of satisfaction.  That makes it an even 14 pounds in 13 days so far.  And only 13 days to go.  

Yes it is getting boring but a few weeks of boredom for a lifetime of change is worth it.  Just have to keep the finish line in sight. My shirts are noticibly looser.  Belt is fitting better.  

Still staying to around 500 calories even though councillor said go to 800 of protein.  However eating more protein for those calories and less fruit.  I am concerned about lean muscle loss still.  Friday will tell me when we do the body scan.  Until then I am going to joy in watching the numbers go down.

Today I am at a company function, people eating and drinking all day and night.  I have a pocket full of chicken breast, tomatoes and one apple.  That’s gonna last me all day and night.  Lots of water and coffee.  I will prevail!!!

Not touching them! Actually makes me sick thinking of eating donuts.  The HCG is flowing well now and cravings are non existent.  Don’t feel like eating anything really.



  1. Big Guy
    Reporting in with more good news. I was a little dispersed two days ago, but stuck hard to the program and happy to report down 1 more pounds.i am currently 273lbs and feeling good. I am also a student pilot and have to be careful when flying
    I fly today for 2 hours and will pack stacks an emergency protiitien bar with an apple just in case I feel sluggish at 8000 feet. All good, and that’s to my co wieght loss partner and consultant at the clinic.

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