Posted by: hungryguy | April 4, 2017

HCG Diet day 19. Weight loss stalled. No more muscle loss

One word from me to describe the HCG diet plan as we enter the final 7 days- Boredom. I am so bored of this same food that I don’t want to eat anything any more.  Of course this is my 3rd and final time on the program (3 times in 1.5 years).  

Our week 2 results were great.  I was at 16 pounds lost in 14 days.  No more muscle loss and Barry actually gained a pound of muscle back (he is doing much more exercise than I am). However now 4 days later I am at the same weight.  The same goes for Barry.  We have both stalled exactly 2 weeks into the program.  So now we need to ignite our bodies back into weight loss with….

APPLE DAY!!!  That’s breakfast, lunch and snack right there and then dinner and snacks will be 3 more.  That’s all for the day.    6 apples in 24 hours and gallons of water.

I still feel positive but really need to see the scale start moving down again as we near the finish line.  The plan will be to see 2 pounds down tomorrow and then back to more good protein to the end of the plan.  We each need 10 more pounds in the remaining 7 days so we gotta push!



  1. Big Guy reporting in!!!
    I am suffering the same as my co partner in this challenge. I have also stalled. I have been walking /jogging every other day, so hopefully this is muscle replacing fat. I feel good, but stuck at 271. It was so encouraging and now I have stalled. Only apples and water today. You know what they say? An apple a day!!!
    Till next time, Big Guy out.

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