Posted by: hungryguy | April 8, 2017

HCG Diet – we made it! final injection day. 40 pounds in 23 days.

So for my third time in 1.5 years I have completed the HCG Diet.  The diet phase anyways.  I started this journey at 285 pounds and I am at 245 exactly this morning.

Considering the HCG Diet you should lost 20-30 pounds each time you can see that I have not kept it off each time.  I am at my lowest weight in over 15 years so that is a huge accomplishment but the challenge as always now is to keep it off.

Lean muscle loss was minimal.  Definitely belly fat has been th majority of weight loss.  I will be increasing calories from 600 to 1400.  40%fat, 40%protein and 20%carbs (from fruit and veggies only).  No breads no sugary stuff, no starches for a long time still.

Together myself and Barry lost over 40 pounds.  Not the 60 we were shooting for but a huge accomplishment in just 23 days. I must say it feels like a lot longer than that.  I can never put myself through this again.  My face is pale likely from lack of nutrients as I have not been taking a multivitamin.  That was a big mistake.  I am not feeling as good as Barry mainly I think because I am so so done with this diet after my 3rd round.  He is loving his new weight and all the clothes he can fit into.  I am really just down 2 pounds from my last injection weight a year ago so the I really was hoping to drop more.

I will stick to the low calorie program for 2 more days as the HCG runs out of my system then I will increase as recommended by my nutrition coach.  

I must say that the last 2 times I followed the “traditional” program and I lost 30 pounds both times.  This time we did not take the 7th day off of injection, we ate less fruit and more protein and we were told to increase protein calories.  Also we were given a larger list of foods including many more proteins.  While the changes may make the diet easier to stick to for some, it just does not render the results of the old school system with a very restrictive menu and no more than 500 calories.  Heck Inwasnt even weighing food the last couple weeks and the first 2 times I weighed everything and ate exactly 500 calories per day.

The maintenance phase now becomes the most important thing.  Our bodies will be very sensitive to sugar and fats.  We must not gain more than 2 pounds over our LIWs (last injection weights) so for me I am happy my LIW is 245.  Once I get through maintenance I will look to another program (perhaps weight watchers) to drop my next 10 pounds slowly and in a healthy way.



  1. Nice job on the weight loss, that’s a lot of weight to lose per session must be very stressful on your body’s. All i can say is just be careful and don’t over do it and try and keep as healthy as possible through good eating and regular activity bit of positive thinking wont hurt 🙂

    I wrote a post on blood sugar have a look must be of some interest

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