Posted by: hungryguy | April 22, 2017

The week after HCG Diet.  Be careful- – stay really focused.

Of course this is my personal experience and I am now just about through my 2nd weeks after completing the HCG program.  This was my 3rd time on the program in past 2 years…

First off- after 3 times I gotta say this program should be said it is a 33 day program.  You really have to stay focused and stay on the menu for that week after the 26 days.  I did last time and did not gain any weight.  At the end of this program I was really depressed, didn’t want to eat and just felt awful.  I was not prepared to go another week on the same menu.  I stuck to the calories recommended but I went off the menu.  I had some wine, I had some steak.  I had some lean pepperoni and jerky.  One night (Easter) I had some chocolate.  Nothing really to excess but after week 1 my weight was back up almost 7 pounds!!!

Aaarrggghhh!  The pain of seeing the scale going up a pound day after day was really hurting but I couldn’t go back to chicken and tomatoes.  So start of week 2 I bought a Bowflex and started doing cardio (40 minutes a day) and weight training (30 minutes / 3-4 times per week).  Off the menu still, of course.  Just staying away from bread and refined sugar/carbs.

So happy to report this morning I am only up 1.6 pounds from my HCG low two weeks ago… yes!!!  I am back.  Focused.  Feeling good.  Still going to be really careful but at one point in the first week I thought the weight was going to come back 1 pound/day up and up and up… I don’t feel that anymore.

So that first week after day 26 is a real transition.  Be warned… if you are mentally ready for one last week of a restrictive diet I would say you really should.  Eat double the food but the same food.  From there you can likely go back to adding other lean meats (pork, sirloin) as well as all other veggies (no potatoes or corn) and fruits (no bananas of course).  I will post my Chili recipe separately as it is a maintenance HCG wonder… been living on it here the 2nd week… Slowly increase and add different things each day.  Weigh every day.  And exercise.  Walk, jog, elliptical, weights, get into it.  It will help smooth things out and keep you where you belong.

Good luck.  I will not be doing HCG again.  This is my last round and I am gonna stay where I am at 40 pounds lighter than I was 2 years ago.  Will still keep updating as I go. With this weight training my body is changing already for the better.  Next I am changing my insulin so will post on that as well.  Leaving my old weight gain insulin for newer and better stuff!


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